Accepted papers for MADWeb 2020

  1. Browser-Based Deep Behavioral Detection of Web Cryptomining with CoinSpy,
    C. Kelton, A. Balasubramanian, R. Raghavendra, M. Srivatsa

  2. Lessons Learned from SunDEW: A Self Defense Environment for Web Applications,
    M. Sahin, C. Hebert, A. De Oliveira

  3. Cross-Platform Improvement: an Adaptive Method of Browser History Sniffing,
    A. Huang, C. Zhu, D. Wu, Y. Xie, X. Luo

  4. Building robust phishing detection system:an empirical analysis,
    J. Lee, P. Ye, R. Liu, D. Divakaran, C. Choon

  5. Shepherd: a generic approach to automating website login,
    H. Jonker, S. Karsch, B. Krumnow, M. Sleegers

  6. K-resolver: Decentralizing Encrypted DNS Resolution,
    N. Hoang, I. Lin, S. Ghavamnia, M. Polychronakis

  7. FP-Crawlers: Studying the Resilience of Browser Fingerprinting to Block Crawlers,
    A. Vastel, W. Rudametkin, R. Rouvoy, X. Blanc

  8. A Few-Shot Practical Behavioral Biometrics Model for Login Authentication in Web Applications,
    J. Solano, L. Tengana, A. Castelblanco, E. Rivera, C. Lopez, M. Ochoa

  9. Studying the Privacy Issues of the Incorrect Use of the Feature Policy,
    B. Kaleli, G. Stringhini, M. Egele

  10. Protecting users from compromised browsers and form grabbers,
    S. Almasi, W. J.Knottenbelt